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Cow clickers and addiction

23/07/2010 Leave a comment
I have an addiction. Every night before bed, and every morning when I wake up, I feed my fish and my birds, check on my farm and carrying out some missions with my mob. It drives my partner insane and begs the question, just why am I addicted to these games? I am talking about ipod, smartphone and online games.

In an attempt to rehabilitate me, my partner found this article –
The article is definitely having an impact.

The reason I am writing about this here for you to read is because the author of this article describes gaming, social networks and briefly describes one of Heideggers theories. He also talks about as a researcher, the value gained through practice.

So my rehabilitation continues… my partner will keep telling me no I can’t feed the fish before we go to work, and as a last resort I have to go cold turkey on 30 July!

I hope you enjoyed this fun blog post for a Friday afternoon. 😉

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