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12/03/2015 1 comment

This week I joined MOSOMELT. I meant to join last week (or was it the week before?) but this week a prompt from a colleague reminded me to actually leap in and signup.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about a cMOOC designed by some lovelies at AUT as a professional development strategy that takes on a distributed communities of practice approach. Over 24 weeks MOSOMELT will take us on a journey of Mobile Learning Technologies (with some friendly global experts) designed to develop both our personal eportfolios and pedagogical practice. There is an option for validation by external¬†CMALT accreditation too.

Why? I think this can provide a valid and effective way to offer and receive professional development. Enrolling in a cMOOC with some work colleagues means we have strengthened the likelihood of successful completion as we can motivate each other to stay engaged (a common problem with online only courses). There is also a great community of practice involved, with many members I know and respect for their contributions, so I can imagine this can be a robust course with some excellent opportunities to develop my portfolio, and my practice.

See you there!

olpc Summit preparation

21/10/2010 Leave a comment

The preparations for olpc Community Summit are obviously well under way with the final details meeting yesterday. We packed folders for attendees with maps and info, we talked through the logistics and were shown the rooms we will be using.

From San Francisco 2010

The venue is fantastic, with one of the most extensive food courts I have ever seen as well as plenty of restaurants for feeding the masses. We enjoyed a vietnamese lunch to confirm the quality ;-)

From San Francisco 2010
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olpc Community Summit

15/10/2010 Leave a comment

I think it is time for an update on the San Francisco trip. olpc Community Summit t-shirt

I fly out on Monday evening 18 October and will meet with Pablo Flores at the airport. That is pretty exciting as Pablo is from Uruguay, has been working with Plan Ceibal, and is a researcher. Lots to talk about with Pablo.

Alex Kleider is picking us up from the airport and hosting us – thanks Alex!

I will try to find time each day to blog about what I did and share photos :-)

You can read about the olpc Community Summit by visiting

olpc Community Summit – San Francisco

29/09/2010 1 comment

A massive thank you to Internet NZ for funding me to go to the olpc Community Summit that will be held in San Francisco from 22-24 October 2010. Information about this event can be found here:

I am particularly looking forward to meeting some of the people I have spoken to so regularly online and getting to hear face to face about some of the great work that people are doing for olpc. The sharing of ideas and planning for the future will be fantastic.

You can see the Summit topics taking shape on the wiki. The same week there is also Books in Browsers with the Internet Archive so it is a pretty exciting time to be in San Francisco.

Communities of Practice

08/09/2010 Leave a comment

Last week I joined CPsquare – The Community of Practice on Communities of Practice. They were having a Seeding 2.0 conference that I wanted to participate in.

I jumped right into some of the conversations and enjoyed reading comments from people like me, asking the same questions about communities of practice that I am, about who they are and how they see their own identity. I also found it timely to be talking about assessment in CPsquare when this is current conversation at Unitec.

Volunteer day at Unitec

01/09/2010 Leave a comment

Today was Volunteer day at Unitec.

We had an olpc stand and there was lots of interest from the students, so gave out an information sheet that tells them where to download Sugar on a Stick, how to join the mailing list, and where we meet in Auckland on Saturdays.

Tracey came to help with the stand.

There is a huge variety of international students at Unitec and some were interested in translations for their country.

Some of the other volunteer organisations at the event included:

* Fire service
* Trade Aid
* Refugee services
* Citizen Advice Bureau
* Volunteering Auckland
* Auckland Zoo
* Special Olympics
* Habitat for Humanity

There were lots more but I didn’t get around to them all unfortunately. All in all, I think it was a well organised and well attended event. Volunteering can really help students get experience that can lead to employment, so well worth running the event for the students. Volunteer day at Unitec


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