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olpc in school disability units

Today Nevyn and I went to visit a school disability unit. They have a mix of students who are in mainstream classrooms full time, part time, through to students who are in the unit full time.
They invited some neighbouring schools teachers and we all played with some XO-1.5s. Nevyn and I explained olpc and Sugar then helped the teachers experiment with Sugar activities.
Tam tam mini was a big hit. We also played with Write, Memorize, Measure, and Physics. Oh and Turtleart and Scratch too.
They liked the membrane keyboard and the robustness of the laptop. There were interesting questions around using USB devices such as special mice, can you get braille membrane keyboard, and also about special assistance software.
Everyone looked to enjoy the session and it will be interesting to see where to from here.
One of the teachers had downloaded a Sugar .iso to run in a virtual machine on her Mac. She uses parallels which I have not used before (I use Virtualbox) so we will be learning with her about how to get Sugar working with parallels (if possible). I showed her Virtualbox with Sugar in it, so she can see Sugar works on a Mac, and we can fallback to Virtualbox if we can’t figure out parallels.

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