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Software Freedom Day 2010

This week I am taking part in a global celebration called Software Freedom Day. The official date is 18 September, however why not celebrate it for a few extra days.

The vision of Software Freedom Day “is to empower all people to freely connect, create and share in a digital world that is participatory, transparent, and sustainable.”
There are six objectives:

1. to celebrate software freedom and the people behind it
2. to foster a general understanding of software freedom, and encourage adoption of free software and open standards
3. to create more equal access to opportunities through the use of participatory technologies
4. to promote constructive dialogue on responsibilities and rights in the information society
5. to be inclusive of organizations and individuals that share our Vision
6. to be pragmatic, transparent, and responsible as an organisation

For my contribution to the celebration I am part of the team organising the Auckland celebrations. This Friday 17 September there will be an event at Albany Senior High School from 4pm – 6pm. This Saturday there will be an event at Orion Cafe in Mt Eden from 10am – 4pm. Both events will involve having lots of fun, talking to people and trying new things. olpc will be there with the little green laptops. There will be games, guest speakers and giveaways.

If you want to read more about the events visit http://softwarefreedomday.org.nz/ and I really hope to see lots of people there to celebrate with us. SFD_Logo

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