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Back from olpc deployments in Samoa

I returned from two weeks volunteering for olpc (one laptop per child) in Samoa yesterday. It was full on. We visited two primary schools and worked with year 4 to year 6 students. They had used the laptops for 3 months before we arrived and we went to install a school server at each school and wireless access points, as well as to provide training for the teachers and students. The two schools were quite different and one school was extremely under resourced with practically no books to teach from or for students to read and not really any posters on the walls.

Arriving in Apia we went to the government first.

Samoa government building, Apia

This is where we stayed when we first arrived in Apia

Seipepa, Alamagoto, Apia, Samoa

We met with parents in the schools to make sure they got to know us and had an opportunity to ask us questions. We then invited the children to show the parents what they can do with their laptops.

Meeting with parents

There was some resting on the trip too, we did take a little time to relax on the beach and do some snorkelling, but as is evident in the photo, our laptops were always close as we kept working to get everything done before we left.

Relaxing at La Lagoto Resort, Manase, Savaii, Samoa

Anyone is welcome to talk to me about the trip and ask questions. I will be writing up more information soon.

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